Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Diva Dogs Day - Sunday 30th September

 What do you think about dogs dressing up?  Quite a contentious issue in some circles. Is it a bit of harmless fun at dog shows, or do you feel the need to express yourself through your dog by buying him or her expensive outfits?
 Whatever your feelings on the subject lots and lots of people enjoy entering their dogs in fancy dress competitions!  Well, next Sunday 30th September you can certainly have fun at Diva Dogs Day at Brook Farm Training Centre, Stapleford Abbots, Essex RM4 1EG. Here they are making a Guinness World Record Attempt at the most number of dogs in fancy dress. You can join in too if you come along and help break the record!
 If it is just a bit of fun at the weekend, and the costume comes off at the end of it then I think it is great fun.
Make sure your dog is comfortable and happy at all times. Just because you like it, it doesn't mean that your dog is having fun as well. Think of your dog's welfare first at all times, but have fun!

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